RealSense SDK and Camera Setup on Windows 10

RealSense SDK R2 installation

Today at Intel RealSense Hands on labs, I installed RealSense SDK R2 (downloaded from the link - on my windows 10 Pro Technical preview. Then I received the much awaited F200 – Front-facing camera. Plugged the camera to one of my USB 3.0 ports and ran a sample through RealSense sample browser installed on my laptop along with SDK installation. As i waited, OK on the bottom of the screen turned to "Init Failed".Tried the other samples and nothing showed the much awaited realsense outputs. After few if's and but's, I started looking into my system specifications,

System Specifications
And compared the same technical specifications mentioned on the Intel website 
Technical Specifications
Required Hardware
4th generation (or later) Intel® Core™ processor
8GB free hard disk space
Supported systems: Ultrabook™ devices, notebooks, 2 in 1’s, and all-in-one PCs
An Intel® RealSense™ 3D Camera F200 (system-integrated or peripheral version)
Required OS
Microsoft Windows* 8.1 OS 64-bit Desktop Mode
Coming Soon**
·         Microsoft Windows 8.1 New UI (Metro) Mode
·         Support for Android*
Supported Intel® RealSense 3D Cameras
F200 – Front-facing
Others coming soon**
Supported Languages
C++, JavaScript*
C# (Microsoft .Net* 4.0 Framework is required)
Java*, (JDK 1.7.0_11 or later)
Processing* 2.1.2 or later
IDE used for Samples and Tutorials
Microsoft Visual Studio* 2010-2013 with service pack 1 or newer, Unity* PRO 4. 1. 0 or later for Unity game development
Supported browsers for JavaScript development
Microsoft Internet Explorer* 10.0.13
Google Chrome* 33.0.1750.146
Mozilla Firefox* 27.0.1
Everything looks good except two things,
  •         My system is running on Windows 10
  •          Unity version is 5.0.0f

Also i have no pending updates on my operating system.So the only other place i have to verify is device manager
Imaging devices is showing RealSense 3D camera- F200 Depth and RGB. USB devices also shows F200. The only thing missing here is 

Why was this missed out ? and what is different with SDK R2
With RealSense SDK R2, You don't get DCM (Device Camera Manager) as part of the main installer, its a different package altogether.The last section in the SDK details shows this.
Intel® RealSense™ SDK for Windows*
(Version 2014, R2)
Uninstall any prior SDK versions before installing. Download all SDK files HERE
·         F200 Depth Camera Manager (51 MB) – one-time download and release notes
depth Camera Manager installer is no longer bundled with the SDK and must be installed separately
·         SDK Options and release notes
o    Online package (890KB)
o    Offline package (1.4GB) (all countries except People’s Republic of China)
o    People’s Republic of China mirror 
·         Optional: SDK Runtime Redistributables – (includes additional speech language packages) and release notes - need release notes file or link
o    Online Installer (761 KB)
o    Full Installer (410 MB)
Buy Now
FREE Download (see options above)
·         Intel RealSense Technologies
·         Intel RealSense 3D Camera (F200, front-facing version)
·         2013 Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK usages1
·         Productivity extension for Unity* games
Microsoft Windows* 8.1 OS 64-bit Desktop Mode
Download Software Updates for Intel RealSense 3D Cameras
·         Firmware and driver updates for the peripheral Developer Kit 3D camera (Front, F200) available HERE
o    Includes Audio Driver if you are using your camera microphones.
·         Firmware and driver updates for systems-integrated cameras will be provided by the device manufacturers
Once you download DCM package and install the same, Check device manager and connect the camera. Everything should work as expected now.

Vidyasagar MSC

Developer Advocate, IBM • Microsoft XBox MVP • Intel software Innovator