Collection of free game assets to start your game development today

“If you try and lose then it isn't your fault. But if you don't try and we lose, then it's all your fault.”
― Orson Scott Card, Ender's Game

To start a game, the first thing you should and must have is an IDEA to be precise a GAME IDEA.It can be a new one or an extension of an existing popular game or an idea generated while playing a game.To have all this you should first TRY.

Joe : Ah ok!!! I Tried and have an idea what's next???

Gamester : Put your idea on a paper (SKETCH)

Joe : I will do that... But.... I don't have an expertise in graphic designing and also I can't hire a graphic designer.

Gamester : Hmmm...Why don't you try with Free Assets ? one's without a licensing headache.


Joe : Where to get them?

Gamester: Let me give you some pointers to start with (links)

  • Photos/illustrations/Audio/Video/Fonts - Link
  • Assets for your game (Reddit) - Link
  • 20 Best Free Art Resources for game developers - Link
  • 2D Graphics / Textures - Link 
  • Game Design/Ideas/Graphics/Art/Sound/Fonts/Maps-Link
  • GLITCH is dead but Assets are still ALIVE - Link
  • Free resources for Games/Apps - Link
  • Unity3d Asset Store (Search for freebies) - Link
  • Free Assets/Art by UnluckyStudio- Link
  • Top Game Assets - Link

More :

  1. Game Icons-Link
  2. 2D game assets - Link1   Link2
  3. Art Assets For Gamedev-Link
  4. Free+Paid - Link
  5. Gamedev Wiki List-Link

Note: The above links are just to  guide you to start your game.Please carefully go through the license agreements before using.These links internally will point to multiple other links which in some cases are repetitive.

Please feel free to add any other links which you know/use in your gamedev.

Please credit the designers/websites by following their twitter/Facebook accounts.

Vidyasagar MSC

Developer Advocate, IBM • Microsoft XBox MVP • Intel software Innovator


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